These are things I like (to do)



I participated in some 8-hands projects for two pianos. Some of our literature was from the beginning of the last century where 8-handed pieces were much more common than they are nowadays. Since the paper was in poor condition and there was no reprint available to buy, I transcribed the music using lilypond. You can download the music here (coming soon): Schubert, Militärmarsch Nr. 1 (2 pianos, 8 hands)

In action

[Video] Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne op.9 Nr. 2 Es-Dur
[Video] Claude Debussy: Petite suite - I. En bateau
[Video] Claude Debussy: Petite suite - II. Cortège


In 2014 travelled the Caminho Português from Porto to Santiago de Compostella. One year later I walked from Vila do Conde via Santiago to Finisterre. Besides the famous yellow arrows, I mainly used these documents, which I extracted from my guides for orientation, and kept them in a transparent zip lock bag. (These bags are worth a mint! Even when stored in such a bag your smartphone's touchscreen will work properly.) Here is a list of things I carried with me.


Pretty cool stuff my friends do

Bastian Rieck's personal homepage
Lutz Büch's Geile Hirnbude
Klavierschule Petra Weis
Prof. Somporn Chuai-Aree's PBWatch.NET (in thai language)

Documentary: Jerusalem am Rhein (2010)

OMG, I was on tv! Check out this documentary about the importance of the German cities Mainz, Worms and Speyer for Jewish scholarship and learn how modern technology helps making novel findings about ancient relicts. See me operating the 3D surface scanner and virtual reality equipment (19:08). Both domains were part of my resposibilities during my time as research student at IWR.