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Validation of assigned connections
PhD Thesis
Visual Analysis of Neuromuscular Junctions
Julia Portl
Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2016
Qualitative comparison of different segmentation methods
A Framework for Feedback-based Segmentation of 3D-Image StackBibTeX
Johannes Stegmaier, Nico Peter, Julia Portl, Ira V. Mang, Rasmus R. Schröder, Heike Leitte, Ralf Mikut, Markus Reischl
Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2016
surface map
Visualization for Error-controlled Surface Reconstruction from Large Electron Microscopy Image StacksPosterBibTeX
Julia Portl, Johannes Stegmaier, Ira V. Mang, Rasmus R. Schröder, Markus Reischl, Heike Leitte
VisInPractice at VisWeek 2015
feature selection interface
Towards a Structured Analysis of Quantitative Descriptors from Segmented Biological Image DataBibTeX
Heike Leitte, Julia Portl, Ira V. Röder, Rasmus R. Schröder, Irene Wacker
VMLS at EuroVis 2013
turning angle criterion
Feature Extraction from Segmentation of Neuromuscular JunctionsBibTeX
Julia Portl, Heike Leitte
Technical Report 2013, published via arXiv in 2016
shape approximation for rollout of surface
Acquisition and documentation of vessels using high-resolution 3d-scannersBibTeX
Hubert Mara, Julia Portl
In Elisabeth Trinkl, editor, Neue interdisziplinäre Dokumentations- und Visualisierungsmethoden, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Österreich, Beiheft 1. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, 2013.
Box spline
Subdivision Curve and Surface Fitting for Mesh CompressionBibTeX
Julia Portl
Wissenschaftliche Arbeit zum 1. Staatsexamen für das Lehramt an allgemeinbildenden Gymnasien, Heidelberg University, 2010.
Visualization of vectorfield of streaming over shark skin
A study of shark skin and its drag reducing mechanismBibTeX
Elfriede Friedmann, Julia Portl, Thomas Richter
In R. Rannacher and A. Sequiera, editors, Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics: Dedicated to Giovanni Paolo Galdi on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday, pages 271–285. Springer, Berlin, 2010.